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As sign of gratitude for solving the series of murders Duke Growin signs Ardo's Residence over to the hero. After the audience in the Ducal Residence Caretaker Muddlemosh waits for the party there and offers his services.

The House is located at the Praios Square, opposite the entrance to the Temple of Praios. Muddlemosh awaits the party and gives you a letter from Archmage Rakorium about the Preparation for the Dragon Quest.


Caretaker Muddlemosh

Questlog Entries[]

  • The House
    • Ardo's estate is now my inheritance. It's a large house, right on Praios Square. I'm not sure that I really deserve it, but Ill take good care of it - in memory of my old friend.
    • What an imposing property! Ardo led a really comfortable life, even though it was much too short. I would have liked to have been just a visitor, but now that the house is mine, I'll settle down here. Ferdok's a nice place; you can live well here.
      • Meet the Caretaker in the House
        • Caretaker Muddlemosh wants to show me more of the house. I'm looking forward to my meeting with him. He's waiting for me there.
        • Caretaker Muddlemosh is a grumpy guy, but I think he will do his work well.


20 AP for completing the quest