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The Jagged Blade Inn

The villagers are amazed by the inn's new décor

Once The Adventurer has finished the quest The Bear in Dark Forest in Avestrue, Hunter Owlstone informs the hero that he does not even want the bear's head and wanted to see it as proof of the beast's demise. Owlstone recommends bringing the head to Innkeeper Thalion, as he would definitely love to have such a Trophy hanging in his inn. After the head is delivered to the innkeeper he rewards the adventurer and hangs it on his inn.

Questlog Entries[]

  • The Hunting Trophy
    • The innkeeper at 'The Jagged Blade' told me that he is looking for a hunting trophy to decorate his beer hall. The bear's head would be just the right thing.
    • Thalion the innkeeper was very pleased with the hunting trophy that I brought back for him and he gave me a handsome reward. The bear's head has taken pride of place on the facade of the 'The Jagged Blade'.
      • Bring Thalion the Bear's Head
        • It's my task to bring the bear's head as a hunting trophy to Thalion the Innkeeper.
        • Thalion was very pleased with the trophy. The bear's head has found a new thankful owner. (if you turned over the trophy)
        • I didn't give the bear's head as a hunting trophy to the innkeeper of 'The Jagged Blade'. He will have to find something else to decorate his beer hall. (if you leave Avestrue without handing over the bear's head)