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In the Praios Square quarter, standing on the street leading up to Ardo's Estate is The Luckless Tailor Grosso, complaining about the misfortune that has befallen him. When he stumbled over a chicken, his worry stone fell into the sewers. He is desperate and asks the heroes to retrieve it for him.

The entrance to the sewers is located directly underneath the place where Grosso the tailor stands. The worry stone is down there, but before the party can reach it, a Wolf rat grabs it and runs off with it. The party must kill the rat in order to retrieve the worry stone and return it to Grosso.


Grosso the Tailor (Ferdok, Praios Square)

Questlog Entries[]

  • The Luckless Tailor
    • A tailor lost his lucky charm when he tripped over one of the free-roaming chickens. Unfortunately it fell into the sewer and now the tailor doesn't dare leave his house. I'm going to see whether I can free him from this predicament by returning his old touchstone to him.
    • The touchstone is back where it belongs. The tailor can finally go about his business once more.
      • Find the Touchstone
        • For better or for worse, I'm going to have to go down into the sewers to retrieve the tailor's lucky charm.
        • I found the touchstone, but a giant rat grabbed it from under my nose. Right, after it!
      • Follow the Rat
        • I've got to find the rat and get the lucky charm off it.
        • I've tracked down the rat in its hiding place - the lucky charm obviously didn't work for it. Let's hope it brings the tailor more luck.
      • Return to the Tailor
        • The poor tailor will probably still be in the same place, as he doesn't dare move without his lucky charm. I should hurry up and release him. After all, the lucky charm should be returned to its rightful owner.
        • I've returned the lucky charm to its rightful owner. The tailor was very pleased.


  • 10 AP for descending into the sewers
  • 10 AP for finding the worry stone
  • 5 AP and 2T for returning the worry stone to Grosso the Tailor

Worth Knowing[]

  • Though individually weak, Wolf rats form a formidable pack, and their tails may be sold to the cook in The Silver Pitcher.
  • The barrels in the sewers contain very little loot.
  • If you looted all the rats but didn't get the lucky charm, you may have actually looted it without noticing.