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I need your help

The novice mages Nottel and Rufus ask The Adventurer to search for their master Archmage Rakorium who could be found in the Old Mineshaft in the northwestern part of the Dark Forest near Avestrue.


Strange Rocks

These are actually wolf rats and robbers who were transformed into rocks by means of a paralysis spell.

  • Inside the cave the adventurer comes across a number of strange looking rocks.
  • A short distance from the cave entrance, there is a fork in the path. The left path, through the wooden door, leads to an underground area where the magician may be found, who has to be escorted back out of the cave. Once outside, Rakorium casts a Transversalis spell and disappears.
  • The mage can be met again on the bridge, together with his two novices, who writes the hero a letter of recommendation.

The archmage is found

Questlog Entries[]

  • The Missing Magician
    • News has reached me that the famous magician Rakorium has gone missing in the Dark Forest. His two apprentices appear to have enjoyed a little too much of Ferdok's famous Pale Ale last night and are unable to search for their master themselves...
    • At last I have the letter of recommendation for Nandor the customs officer. And somehow I don't think I've seen the last of the spellcaster and his two apprentices.
      • Find Rakorium the Magician
        • I promised the magician's apprentices, Rufus and Nottel, that I will find their master the archmage Rakorium. He has failed to return from an expedition into the Dark Forest.
        • I have found an old man, but I am not sure if he really is the famous spellcaster Rakorium. If he truly is Rakorium then he is as demented as he is famous!
      • Lead Rakorium out of the Cave
        • It's hard to believe that the old man I found at the end of a trail of stone monsters is the famous magician Rakorium. I had better get this crazy old man out of this cave as quickly as I can, before something terrible happens to us.
        • That's incredible! He disappeared. Just like that. He muttered something about 'Transversalis' and then he was gone. Obviously he is more of a magician than I thought at first glance. I hope I meet him again at the village and that he still remembers that I helped him.
      • Meet Rakorium in Avestrue
        • I have to find the famous magician again. I'm sure to find him together with his apprentices in Avestrue. I hope he remembers to write me a letter of recommendation to Nandor the customs officer.
        • Praise Phex! I found Rakorium back at Avestrue. He even remembered that it was me who came to his aid in the cave - a sheer miracle in his state of mind!


  • 30 AP for finding the archmage in the cave.
  • 50 AP for successfully guiding the archmage out of the cave.
  • 30 AP and a note of recommendation, when you meet the archmage again on the bridge.