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White Fur summoning her pack

Hunter Owlstone has problems with The Wild Wolves of the Dark Forest of Avestrue and asks The Adventurer to stop their terrorizing of the area by killing their alpha, a female called White Fur.


  • White Fur and two other wolves are awaiting the hero on a rock to the northwest of Owlstone's lodge, once all other wolves in the designated area are dead.
  • After the wolves are slain the player may report back to Owlstone for their well deserved reward.

Quest log entries[]

  • The Wild Wolves of the Dark Forest
    • According to Owlstone the Hunter there are too many wild animals in the Dark Forest. He has asked me to help him cull the wolves.
    • Owlstone the Hunter gave me a handsome reward for helping him cull the wolves.
      • White Fur
        • Owlstone the Hunter believes that the only way to stop the plague of wolves in the Dark Forest is to slay their leader - White Fur. I will have to go deep into the Dark Forest, to where the river flows down from the mountains, to find her.
        • White Fur is dead.
      • Speak with Owlstone the Hunter
        • Owlstone the Hunter will be glad to hear the good news. And I'm sure he'll appreciate this valuable wolf's pelt. I should go and speak with him again.
        • I delivered the wolf's pelt to Owlstone the Hunter and received my reward.


  • 20 AP for the victory over White Fur.
  • 5 AP and 2 Ducats for informing the hunter and bringing him the wolf's pelt.