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After completing The Addled Mind in Moorbridge, and have returned from Moorbridge, go up to the plaza and you will find a Hugo lying on the ground and his wife, Gunelda, screaming for help. Talk to her, and she want`s you to get the healer, Devotee of Peraine, so he can help her husbond.

Seek out the Devotee in the Ducal Citadel and he will tell you that Hugo has fallen many times but never hurt himself, and that his wife is overreacting. He will tell you to give Hugo some Golmoon tea, without saying it is, so the Gunelda will calm. Do this, but Hugo soon discovers that it is Golmoon Tea, and just stands up without listening to Gunelda.

Important NPC`s[]



  • 15 AP for talking to the Devotee of Peraine
  • 15 AP for returning to Hugo and Gundela