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Trade Dispute (inventory icon)

A newspaper article from the Aventurian Herald that reads:


Aventurian Herald, Peraine 1031 BF

Discord Among Ferdok's Leading Merchants

FERDOK. As always the bustling harbor of Ferdok is alive with the rattling chains of the cargo cranes and cries of the dockers as they go about their business. But the harbor's industrious atmosphere has recently been disturbed by a series of altercations and bitter disputes between wagoners, seafarers, captains and clerks of rival trading houses. More often than not one of the parties involved is in the pay of Ferdok's esteemed Neisbeck trading house, while the other party bears the falcon insignia of the House of Stoerrebrandt. These two families have battled to control the dockside cargo-handling for years now. The conflict recently came to a head when Stoerrebrandt erected a new warehouse at the harbor. While the Garetian merchant captain continues to expand his influence in the City Council, Ulwina Neisbeck has publicly attacked Stoerrebrandt as a "cheap and shoddy braggart" and has successfully thwarted her rival's attempts to join the local Merchant's Guild. Not long ago one of Stoerrebrandt's caravans suffered significant losses when it was tricked into entering the Moorbridge Marshes after following false signposts. A second caravan was hindered from attending an important market in Ferdok by phony customs officers - needless to say, Neisbeck's wares were a sensational success at that market... It is not difficult to guess who the mastermind behind these unfortunate events was. But Stoerrebrandt soon exacted his revenge. With help of a gaggle of legal advocates and clerks he successfully hindered a ship from Havena laden with wares for the Neisbeck family from unloading its cargo in Ferdok. The advocates based their case on a decree issued decades ago during an outbreak of Zorgan Pox in Havena. Soon after this, a company of local guards, not usually known for their intelligence or success, discovered a smuggler's hideout on the banks of the Great River. Allegedly an informant paid by none other than Stoerrebrandt himself supplied the information leading to the raid. It will not surprise our readers to learn that the Neisbeck family is allegedly involved in many of the region's smuggling operations. It is difficult to say which of the two families is set to win this bitter feud. The Aventurian Herald will continue to report on this story as it develops.



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