Drakensang English Wiki


Receiving Wounds[]

Combat is always dangerous. Your character will probably sustain a wound during combat sooner or later. Wounds are sustained in addition to the "normal" physical damage that results in the loss of Vitality points. Your hero receives a wound when the Damage Points inflicted by a single blow exceed your character's Constitution. Some special skills also inflict additional wounds.

When your hero receives a wound, the game will automatically roll a Talent Test on Willpower with a penalty of 10. If the test is successful, the wound is prevented and the hero will not receive the corresponding penalties.

Your hero can receive four wounds before falling to the ground, close to death. Wounds are indicated by a pictogram that will appear next to your character's portrait. The pictogram displays a small heart together with the number of wounds. Every single wound reduces your hero's Attack, Parry, Ranged Combat, Dodge and Agility scores by two (2) points, and your Endurance by five (5) points (with four wounds your hero is almost completely incapacitated). If all characters are incapacitated, the party is considered dead.

Healing Wounds[]

Wounds are a special Status Effect; they are not healed automatically. Like Poisoning, they need special treatment.

If your Treat Wounds talent value is high enough, then you can use any of the following ingredients, together with a successful Talent Test to heal the wound.

If your hero does not pass the test, then they are not able to heal the wound.

The Balm of Healing spell can also heal wounds, but you must increase its modifier by at least the number of wounds sustained by the patient, otherwise none of the wounds will be healed. However, this modifier increases slowly - every four levels. You should therefore treat wounds as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, in some locations, especially at the beginning of the game, there are healers (priests) who can cure the wound for you. For example: